The Kitties

In addition to our great dog, Toby, we have two kitties: Madison and Joey. Madison was only 4 weeks old when when Malinda picked her from a neighbor's litter. They've gone through a lot of "life" together in the past 16 years including the ups and downs of high school and college, first jobs, break-ups, moving, and finally settling down. The kitty who once got into everything, including a 60-gallon aquarium (I'm sure she was only browsing) or falling through the window screen at an apartment only to emerge from an Indiana Jones-style adventure the next day (cobwebs and all), is now content with long cat naps in the sun.

Malinda was a huge fan of the TV show, "Friends," and named our kitty Joey after one of the characters, Joey Tribiani... "How you doin'?" We were told from the family who cared for Joey that he was found on a construction site. He was so skinny when we brought him home, but is now a big, beautiful kitty. He's 7 years old and still has a bit of kitten spirit left in him. We think he keeps Madie on her toes, which is good for the old girl.

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