The Spirit of Adventure

This weekend, we saw the third and final installment of the Toy Story series. It was great. We laughed, we cried - it was everything a Pixar film should be.

When Derek was a little boy, he made short films with a his friend, Andrew. They filmed "aliens from outer space" and "things" in their backyard during the long summer breaks from school. Andrew is now an animator at Pixar Animation Studios. Last October, he invited up to enjoy a private tour of Pixar in Emeryville, Calfornia. It was incredible!! The movie "Up" (one of our favorites) was still in the theaters and throughout the amazing facility they had pre-production drawings and models on display. We weren't allowed to take photos inside (for obvious reasons; that's what memories are for!), but we did snap a few shots just outside.

The entrance to Pixar Animation Studios in Emeryville, Calif.

Derek and Andrew outside Pixar Studios. Recognize the lamp in the back? It's Luxo Jr. 

Inside the gates... Notice the "Cars" logo on the roadway? Cute.

Okay, we're not stalkers, but we thought this was so cool! We found this Jeep in the parking lot of Pixar  - the owner covered their spare tire with the grape soda button from one of our favorite films, "Up." Here's to the spirit of adventure!


  1. That is so cool!!! What an amazing experience.

  2. I loved your aquarium photos; we just went last weekend! (I have photos on my blog).

    Best wishes with the adoption process!