Puppy Love

This weekend, Malinda traveled to Atlanta, Georgia to attend her little sister's bridal shower.
It was a great weekend full of “girl time” and lots of wedding talk. As the matron-of-honor, we spent a lot of time together working on last minute wedding details, attending dress fittings and trial hair/make-up. Every girl should feel like a princess on her wedding day, no? And although I was only gone a few days, and had a wonderful time with my with my dad, step-mom and sister, I really missed Derek. In a few weeks, we’ll head back to Atlanta together for the big day – the wedding! So exciting!

Amanda's Bridal Shower in Georgia

Derek can’t get enough of this little town near my dad’s house: Flippen. “There’s the Flippen’ hardware store… and the Flippen gas station… and there’s a Flippen dog!” It was funny… the first time. :) I had to take a picture.

Flippen Hardware Store... always funny to Derek

My love of animals comes from my dad and step-mom. Over the years, they've had a variety of animals including horses, goats, chickens, rabbits, dogs, cats… you name it! I needed a break from all the wedding planning and got some much-needed puppy love.

Dad's newest puppy, Opal. She's got crazy eyes! I love this dog!

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