Road Trip

This weekend, we took a quick road trip to the historic town of Julian in the mountains near San Diego. Once booming with gold rush pioneers, this charming town is known for its delicious apple pies, antiques and specialty shops, horse-drawn carriage rides and old-time hospitality. We had lunch at the Julian Café and Bakery, checked out trinkets and treasures along Main Street, and finally, settled down for a piece of delicious homemade apple pie. Yumm-o!

Julian Apple Pies - delicious!

Enjoying Apple Boysenberry Pie on Main Street in Julian. 

When we got home, we worked in the backyard for a bit and planted a few more veggies including Anaheim chiles (for delicious Chiles Rellenos) and a few more tomato plants. Can’t have too many tomatoes, or can we? Several plants are starting to flower (yay!) and we’re evening getting a few baby bell peppers.

Aren't they adorable?

And the roses are in bloom, too.  Beautiful!

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